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Last Updated: Nov 22, 2012 05:58AM EST


Recommended links and posts appear beneath your editor window in Typepad while you write your post. The more text you write the better recommendations you get.  


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What are Related links and Related posts?

Related links make adding useful and relevant links to your posts fast and fun. You can add them to your post with a single click and they will make your post look professional, better for your readers and more available to search engines.

Related posts are links to your blogging peers who write about similar topics. You can add them to your post with a single click and they provide your readers with with the means to research the subject further. Also the bloggers you link out to will love you for it and you may gain some interesting and influential friends. 

What kind of recommendations will I be receiving?

  • Links to relevant webpages like Wikipedia and Google Maps
  • Links back to your own posts when it's relevant about what you're writing
  • Links to related posts from other bloggers 
  • Promoted posts from our partners (marked with a "promoted" tag)

What good do related links and posts do?

Interlinking your content will engage your readers and it is also a positive signal for search engines to understand what your content is about.
That's all there is to it! Zemanta is super quick, and a fantastic was to turn your everday posts into rich, relevant content that benefits both your blog and your readers.

We look forward to your feedback!

What is Promoted content?

The "promoted" tag is a full disclosure of Zemanta having a commercial relationship with the publisher. We markup such content sources to disclose the difference to users.

Publishers cannot buy a place among recommendations. Zemanta recommendation engine will always return best recommendations, but promoted content may be ranked differently than the rest.
Promoted content is what makes Zemanta free.

But, should I really link out to others? 

Yes you should! It's how you get your readers and other similar authors to like you and to link back to you.

See this video for more on linking out: 


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